Trap The Cat

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Trap the Cat’ is most effectively classified as equal parts simple, addictive, cute, and unfortunately often times demoralizing. The nature of the game in general is relatively basic.┬áIt can be seen as a fun whimsical gaming experience with no real game play complexities to factor in, hence making it a perfect gaming opportunity for young children who want to enjoy the simplicity of the graphics and engine system, while also offering some sense of elaborate forethought which make it engaging to an older gaming crowd who want to exercise their intellectual spatial awareness. As the player we are not required to utilize any form of secondary in-game menu, purchase or ranking system, and overall requires very little understanding of meta-game function, making it a very ‘What you see is what you get’ model. This game is also available at many other friv websites, so don’t lose time and start playing it.

As a very quaint game, ‘Trap the Cat’ appeals to a number of audiences on different levels. Whether it be for the intellectual stimulation or the simplicity and the charming nature of the game play. As the player, we are first presented with what appears to be a very simple game board consisting of a number of small circles, the majority of which are light green, and the minority of which are slightly darker. In the direct center of the game board, sitting on one of the light shaded circles is a small black cat. We are presented with two very simple instructions, “The cat cannot jump onto the dark Circles”, and “Circle the cat in with dark circles to move on to the next level”. With each move we are able to switch one of the lighter circles to darker by clicking on it, and with each click the cat has the opportunity to jump from one to the next, in a very cute animation, in the attempt to eventually leave the board.

The difficulty begins when you realize that you have to visualize multiple moves ahead in order to determine how to direct the cat into a darker grouping in order to effectively trap it. As there are a number of darker circle groupings, it’s best to plan ahead how you intend to direct the cat with your clicks, so as not to waste any in the process.

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